Request for Membership Information

A Year Round source for information for former Pride members.

If you marched in the Pride for even one season, consider yourself a member of our organization!

We get together at the homecoming football game every year but it isn’t a requirement. It is a wonderful way to re-live your Pride memories – catch up on old friends – feel the thrill of being on the field again. Remember the chills from singing the Chant with an intimate group of friends? Bring your family and give them a taste of what it was like!

However, our members who are not able to attend homecoming are just as important as the ones who do!

To make sure you’re part of our membership database, send the following information to Rita at

  • Full name (including maiden name if applicable)
  • Street address, City, State and Zip
  • Preferred email address
  • Home Phone/Cell phone/Work phone
  • Instrument you played in the Pride and what years
  • Were you a member of ΚΚΨ/ΤΒΣ?

Email Rita if you’d like a copy of our constitution as well.

Mailing Address: P O Box 297, Norman, OK 73070-0297

Websites: This one or FaceBook

Continuing the tradition…
…the tradition of excellence!!

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