Events calendar

Now you can keep up with OU Band Alumni events within your favorite calendar program! We’ve published a calendar of events that you can import into most shared calendar programs merely by clicking on the following URL:

OU Band Alumni Events

If you prefer to view it online, click here and bookmark the page:

OU Band Alumni Events online

Macintosh users: simply clicking the link will subscribe to our calendar in iCal. We’ve added a couple of “to-do” items, like making sure you mail your homecoming registration, so you might not want to let iCal delete the “to-do” items. You don’t need to refresh the calendar more than once a day. (During homecoming week, you can manually refresh it if you want the latest data.)

If you use Now Up-to-Date (like the OU School of Music), it supports subscribing to calendars in version 5 and later: add a new server of type “iCalendar” and paste in the URL:


Windows users: We know that Windows Vista has built-in iCalendar support for the “webcal” protocol, but I can’t tell you offhand what programs use it today. Fortunately, almost every online calendar program supports the format, including the well-received Google Calendar: add the URL as a new calendar using a “public calendar address”.

According to Wikipedia, Microsoft Outlook can subscribe to calendars like ours, but you may need to install patches or use later versions to make it work right. The article also lists a ton of programs that support the iCalendar format beyond the ones mentioned here.

However you want to use it, click on the link to subscribe to the calendar and enjoy! Contact us if you have events you think should be added to the calendar for everyone to see.

We normally keep home game-day schedules on our calendar so alumni know where and when to watch, meet, and greet The Pride of Oklahoma.