Spring Game 2016 on April 9! Come play with the Pride!

spring_game_generalBaseball isn’t the only sport that gets warmed up in the spring! On April 9, it’s the Oklahoma Football Spring Game, formerly known to us oldsters as The Red & White Game!

And once again, you and your family are invited to come to the game free of charge, and you can sit with The Pride of Oklahoma and play during the game with the current members! This is a volunteer effort on everyone’s part, but to help out, the university will provide a free lunch and a free uniform T-shirt just for this game!  Your family also gets lunch, but T-shirts are perks for the Pride alumni, as is sitting with the band.

How to get all this wonderful fun for (almost) free?

  1. There’s no charge for any of the Spring Gameday fun, but to participate, you must pay your dues for calendar year 2016.  (This gets you set for Fall 2016 and Homecoming as well.)
  2. Click on this link and fill out the survey, once for each OUBAA member who wants to play.  (Example: if you and your spouse are both Pride alumni and want to bring two kids,  then you would fill it out, your spouse would fill it out, but only list your kids on one of your surveys.)
  3. Do all of this before the deadline of 11:59:59 PM on Wednesday, March 23.

That’s it! Here’s the schedule for April 9:

Football! Food! Friends! Free! We hope to see everyone there for the successful conclusions of spring practice ahead of another Sooner Football Season!