Newsletter! Registration! Do it now!

Remember Smokey and the Bandit? “We’ve got a long way to go, and a short time to get there…”

OK, so I’m old. Nonetheless, it’s true. Homecoming is October 16, the Saturday after OU-Texas, when the Sooners host Kansas State. That means your officers and your webmaster (who is in no danger of breaking any speed records himself) have very little time to get everything counted, deposited, ordered, scheduled, blocked, laminated, sorted, labeled, borrowed, packaged … um, I want to say “narrated?” Frosted?

I’m forgetting about 25 things here. To get that all done on everyone else’s deadline, our own deadline has to be pushed up significantly. That’s why registration for Homecoming 2014 is due on September 23, 2014.

There’s a big old counter at the top of the home page counting down the time; it’s almost exactly two weeks away as I write this. So don’t dawdle on your registration and tickets to see the post-Red River Rivalry Sooners take on conference rivals Kansas State and participate in a halftime show featuring the state’s biggest singalong ever, as far as I know!

Download the 2014 Fall Newsletter here. (PDF, 2 MB)

Register and Pay Online for Homecoming 2014 here.