2014 Pride Ready to March

Story from The Norman Transcript. An excerpt:

[This week’s] halftime show will be 6½ minutes of nonstop movement and action.

“Our shows are designed somewhat like an Ed Sullivan show. They are dynamic with a continuous flow. There always has to be high energy from the students,” Stolarik said.

For the OU vs. Tennesse game, Sept. 13, Stolarik said the band will delve into cinematic music by Bernard Herrman. Music from Alfred Hitchcock movies such as “North by Northwest” and “Psycho” and other classics like “Taxi Driver” will be featured.

“People know the movies and even if they don’t know the movies, they … they know the social reference such as Robert De Niro’s line ‘You talkin’ to me?,” Stolarik said. “We’re working with Sooner Vision to integrate film elements into the show. It’ll be a great show. It’s really fantastic music.”

Additionally, during the OU vs. Tennessee halftime show, The Pride will feature Jonathan Nichol, OU assistant professor of saxophone, with a saxophone solo.

Founded in 1904, The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band continues to support Sooner Spirit as the band begins its 111th year. “The Pride” stands for excellence in musicianship, academics, school spirit and commitment to its role in the surrounding community. The Pride is composed of 56 music majors and 216 non-music majors. Eighty-four academic majors and 20 states are represented in the band.

So for anyone who asked: this year’s membership is 272.