The 2013 Spring Newsletter is here!

Download it here and read it presently, because:

It’s time for the OU Football 2013 Spring Game!

Previously known as the Red & White Game, the annual spring game on April 13, 2013, divides the team into a “red” squad and a “white” squad, who play against each other with light contact, using a modified scoring system invented by misanthropic accountants from another galaxy. But if you’re current on your dues (OUBAA dues are for each calendar year—everyone’s were due again on January 1*), you can play with current members of The Pride of Oklahoma at the game!

How can this be accomplished?

  1. Pay your 2013 dues and tell us what you plan to play at the game, either by mailing in the page in the newsletter with appropriate compensation or by visiting this page.
  2. Read the instructions for what to wear, and when to be at what location, on the front page of the newsletter. (Then read the rest of the newsletter because it’s good.)
  3. Show up on time ready to play!

That’s it! And dues are just $15.50 online ($15 in cash or by mail), so you can pay them without much sacrifice even if you can’t play in the Spring Game.  But if you can, you get in free! It’s such a deal I lack the appropriate adjectives. You can also get extra game tickets for just $5.50 ($5 in cash), and lunch in Catlett Music Center with Pride members for $10.50 ($10 cash). (Wonder what the extra funds are used for? Read the newsletter!)

Questions? Ask Rita, because Rita Knows All. (Or knows who does know.) Act now, because registrations are due on April 3. See you on April 13!


*Unless you’re a lifetime member, something which I think requires special dispensation, maybe from the Secretary of the Interior. I’m unclear on a lot of this stuff.