Bands on the Composers Datebook

The College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) has been sponsoring segments on American Public Media’s daily radio show Composer’s Datebook since 2012, and there have been quite a few segments lately.  It’s just two minutes per day and is easy to listen to. In the Oklahoma City area, it’s on weekdays at 2:58 PM on KCSC (90.1 FM). For other areas or satellite, find your station here.

But if you want more, or don’t have the time, it’s on the Web. Or do what I do and subscribe to the free podcast and let iTunes or the client of your choice download it every day.

Today’s entry (February 8, 2013) was about the invention of the modern Wind Ensemble at the Eastman School of Music with Frederic Fennell—their first concert was on February 8, 1953. The February 9 show is about Ron Nelson’s Rocky Point Holiday, which debuted at the CBDNA convention on February 9, 1967. It describes the inspiration, the commission, and how it became famous. Both broadcasts are available in the archive for this week: Composers Datebook: 2/4/2013-2/10/2013. It requires Flash to listen to them online, but the podcast is a pure MP3 file you can save and play however.

Next Wednesday, February 13, Composers Datebook is about Music for Prague 1968 by Karel Husa, with two more CBDNA-sponsored episodes during the week.

Composers Datebook is a production of APM and the American Composers Forum, whose BandQuest program, creating new and challenging works by American composers that are true departures from the normal middle-school band repertoire. Funds for the cited episodes are provided by CBDNA. And as the tag line reminds everyone: All music was once new.