The 2012 Fall newsletter is here!

Let the registrations begin!

The three-page 2012 OUBAA Fall Newsletter is now available for download in PDF format. This is the one we used to spend hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours mailing to everyone in paper format, but you can have yours now, even on a holiday weekend, just by clicking the link.

The newsletter includes the Homecoming 2012 registration form, but as is now custom, you can instead register online for Homecoming 2012, including dues, Homecoming registration, game tickets, lunch tickets—everything you need. What’s more, you can pay with your credit card or PayPal account, and you can do it today!

Registering soon is highly recommended. Quoting the newsletter (also now a custom):

You’ll want to order early if you’ll need a ticket in Section 36. These seats will be at a premium and we won’t be ordering as many ‘extras’ for large instruments this year like we have in the past. Because of this, don’t wait until the last minute ‘hoping’ we’ll have extras. Order early to be sure you get one!

It is critical that we get a count as early as possible. If you can’t pay by the 30th, let us know if you need a Section 36 ticket and we’ll work out the payment later if we need to. Email Ann, our treasurer.

On the bright side, tickets are significantly less expensive this year! Check it out.

Registrations are due before September ends. There’s a countdown clock on the home page if you need reminding. Online and mail-in registrations are now open, so don’t get off to a slow start and have Fox Sports announcers start questioning your talent. Register today!

Update: OK one of you should have told me that the “View Cart” button was missing. Fixed, I think.