Hello, human musicians!

It is I, the Web site, your happy funtime football season pal. And we are now two weeks away from Sooner Football. I know it’s true because Twitter said so:

Accordingly, I have added a countdown timer until Homecoming 2012 in the left margin of the home page (or on the very bottom if you’re viewing on some mobile devices), and the events calendar has been updated with this year’s football schedule, as of this writing. (I cannot promise that teams will not leave or join the conference at any time.)

The 2012 Pride of Oklahoma, 300 strong, is finishing the week of pre-camp as classes start on Monday, August 20. Your human officers should have a newsletter for you soon, complete with pictures and registration instructions and adverbs and all the things humans like in an OUBAA newsletter. I shall also endeavor to stay updated for your assistance and happy football times. Fight with heart and soul to reach the goal!