No, The Pride is not playing at the Olympics

Scammers are what they are, but I’d love to make sure they know they messed with the wrong people this time:

Charitable donors beware: a door-to-door fundraising effort claiming to benefit the university’s marching band is not affiliated with OU, the band director said.

[…] A south Oklahoma City woman has filed a police report after giving a donation to a solicitor who told her the “Sooner Marching Band” was headed to the Olympics to play on behalf of OU, according to a press release.

The woman said she was asked to write her check to the Rick Allen Fulfilment Agency.

If you see or hear of such contemptible behavior, please do as this woman did and alert the police. Believe me, if The Pride were going to London to play, you’d have heard about it here many, many months ago!