Pay your 2012 dues now!

Did you know that OUBAA dues are for each calendar year? You’re ahead of me.  I really should pay more attention to those things, but I think we all know that ship has sailed.

Anyway, you can now pay your 2012 dues online. Members who are paid up in their 2012 dues can, this year, for the first time, participate in the annual Oklahoma Football Spring Game, better known to all of us as The Red and White Game. Dues-paying members will have an opportunity to bring their instruments back to Owen Field and play with current Pride of Oklahoma members to cheer on the student athletes, meet up with former players, and have lots of fun!

Details when they’re available, but the payment page is now open again for 2012 dues (that’s the only item on there, as that’s all we’re accepting right now), so take a few moments to get the opportunity to cheer on spring football! The game will not be televised, so if you want to see it, you’ll want to be in the stands—and if you’re in the stands, shouldn’t you be playing Boomer? Of course you should!

Rah-rahs and iTunes Match


If you own the 2004 Rah-Rah CD, use iTunes, and have signed up for the $25/year iTunes Match service, there’s a hidden surprise for The Pride in there: extra royalties! Part of that $25 fee goes to pay artists a very small royalty every time you play a song covered by iTunes Match even if you owned the physical CD and didn’t buy the music from iTunes.

I’m not suggesting that you spend the money on iTunes Match if you weren’t going to, but if you have, be sure to add the Rah-Rah CD to your iTunes library so that when you play it, even on your iPhone or iPod or whatever, The Pride gets a tiny extra royalty. And if you don’t have it, you can buy it from iTunes or other fine purveyors of legitimate online music. Rah-rah!