Speed Up the Band: School Bands in the Age of the Hurry-Up Offense

A new post at prestigious sports-blog Grantland talks about what it’s like at schools around the country to play pep tunes when the offense may get to the line of scrimmage in just a few seconds:

Speed Up the Band: School Bands in the Age of the Hurry-Up Offense – The Triangle Blog – Grantland.

The author is not necessarily a band fan, and admit as a sportswriter he was “trained” to ignore bands, but noticed something during bedlam:

[The Pride] only had a few seconds between snaps. Yet within each of those quickly disappearing windows they managed to blast out a combination of notes that were not only instantly recognizable, but cut off at some logical end point. It was as if a talented magician was doing the same act that had made him famous, only now he was wearing a straitjacket.

(Try to forgive him for cutting about 100 members out of the band.) It’s interesting to see how other schools cope with the same thing, and to realize that of those interviewed, only at OU does most of the responsibility fall on the Drum Major, not on the band director. Ahead of the curve yet again! Game management is a lot more complicated than in my time, and not only does it fall to student drum majors at OU—they continue to do such an outstanding job that national sportswriters are noticing. Congrats to all!

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No, The Pride is not playing at the Olympics

Scammers are what they are, but I’d love to make sure they know they messed with the wrong people this time:

Charitable donors beware: a door-to-door fundraising effort claiming to benefit the university’s marching band is not affiliated with OU, the band director said.

[…] A south Oklahoma City woman has filed a police report after giving a donation to a solicitor who told her the “Sooner Marching Band” was headed to the Olympics to play on behalf of OU, according to a press release.

The woman said she was asked to write her check to the Rick Allen Fulfilment Agency.

If you see or hear of such contemptible behavior, please do as this woman did and alert the police. Believe me, if The Pride were going to London to play, you’d have heard about it here many, many months ago!

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Rah-rahs and iTunes Match


If you own the 2004 Rah-Rah CD, use iTunes, and have signed up for the $25/year iTunes Match service, there’s a hidden surprise for The Pride in there: extra royalties! Part of that $25 fee goes to pay artists a very small royalty every time you play a song covered by iTunes Match even if you owned the physical CD and didn’t buy the music from iTunes.

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