What did you think of “Band Bedlam?”

Update 28 December: Be sure to click through and read comments from OETA’s Bill Perry about Band Bedlam DVDs, rebroadcasts, and the use of previously unbroadcast footage in OETA’s Gallery in January 2012!

Consider this an open thread for your thoughts on the OETA show or other issues of this BEDLAM week.  Comment away! (No registration required.)

2 thoughts on “What did you think of “Band Bedlam?”

  1. “Band Bedlam” can now be viewed on the OETA web site: http://www.oeta.tv/programs/local/bandbedlam.html

    Bonus videos are further down that page, including more comments from Brian Britt.

    In January, OETA will continue with Band Bedlam in the Gallery program. It will show more behind-the-scenes activities for the Pride and Cowboy Band, and interview band members, both current and Alums.

  2. Band Bedlam DVDs are now available by calling OETA toll-free at 1-800-879-6382. There is a 45-minute bonus video plus the original 30-minute program on the DVD. The :Amazing Grace” performance by both bands at the 2011 Bedlam game is included in the bonus video. OETA will feature more about the Pride, including interviews with current Pride members, in the January 12, 2012 episode of “Gallery” at 7:30pm – the segment is called “The March To The Stadium”.
    Also don’t forget “Band Bedlam” is rebroadcast on OETA January 3rd at 10:30pm and January 5th at 9:30pm

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