Got photos of Homecoming? [updated]

If you’ve got photos you’d like to share of Homecoming 2011, post the URLs here (to Flickr, or TwitPic, or wherever you share your pictures).

[Update: Fellow alum Matt Horton alerts us in the comments that videos from the press box of 2011 OUBAA pregame and halftime performances are available online now!]

And if you have any you’d like to see added to the rotation of photos that show on every page of the site, just E-mail them to me and I’ll get them into the mix at some point. Due to the design of the site, photos are cropped to exactly 1000 pixels by 288 pixels, so please make sure your pics are at least 1000 pixels wide or we can’t use them (stretching shorter pictures to fit just looks awful). We don’t need super-hires photos or anything, just at least 1000 pixels wide. Most phone cameras these days shoot at least twice that resolution, so you should be fine. 🙂

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