Homecoming 2011 open thread

I’ll start with the bad:

  • The weather
  • The delays
  • The final score

And now the good:

  • Section 29
  • Section 36
  • Pregame
  • Halftime
  • Never quitting
  • Being a Sooner

Despite the final score, I was very proud yesterday to be associated with both The Pride and OUBAA. No one who was there could doubt how traditions and champions are built.

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25 thoughts on “Homecoming 2011 open thread

  1. It was great to see people I knew from 45 years ago!!! And it was great to get to know some of the “younger” drum majors. Great guys!! And the band sounded awesome…really glad our numbers are increasing. Hope it continues!!

  2. Everything was fun, except the final score. It is great to see everyone each year, and to see new faces as well! The drum majors were outstanding! The crowd loved your backbends, guys! Thanks to Rita and the officers for your outstanding organization that makes the day go so smoothly.

  3. Once again I had a great time! A shame for the weather it was too cold I did not get weather thing right. It is always a thrill to be in Norman with the traditions. It was wonderful to see More 80’s folks! next year we will make an effort to out number the 90′ group! I am, amazed at how well people still play. Thanks to coach thanks to Brian for always being there for their bands and a huge thanks to Rita and the others who put in so many hours so that we can just show up at home and have all we need. I suggest that we dig around the closets and see. If there are rain ponchos from the past or something so that the alumni would have them in the case of what happened. Thanks again! Sooner Born baby!

  4. Great organization! Thanks to officers for your time. Any chance:
    We can get cases in the stafium in the future?
    We can purchase rain gear like the Pride has AND get it in the stadium?
    I surely missed my old roommate Mel Penn
    Shall we meet again in 2012?

    • Even The Pride does not get to bring cases into the stadium, but wouldn’t be able to anyway since they enter via parade. It’s just a different setup since that student committed suicide by blowing himself up outside a home game a few years ago.

      I understand the reasons, but it’s still kind of sad.

  5. Great weekend with the greatest people! No matter what, we are bonded for life because we were/are a part of one of the best organizations at OU. No one can ever take our memories away from us. So awesome to spend time with Coach in a casual setting and learn that he has some of the same memories that we have and for him also to share his own stories.
    Thanks to all the officers for your hard work…truly a fantastic job.

  6. I thought the quality of OU fans was incredible-patient and polite under impolite circumstances.

    • I did too. I wish that there had been a greater quantity during those fourth-quarter drives, though.

  7. Yet another great experience with the alumni band. Only wish the game results had been different. I’m finally starting to think of the Union as home instead of the Armory, change is slow for some of us. A hidden advantage of the rain delay was the chance to visit with other Pride alumni while we were waiting under the stands. Boomer! to all & see you next year!!!

  8. PS — Some of us had to leave early because we were playing in church early the next morning. Sorry!

  9. Hi, gang! I had a wonderful time this weekend! It was great to be back in the band room at Catlett for practice on Friday, seeing Coach and so many of my friends from the early 90’s Pride again. Having the opportunity to hit that Pride sign, “run” out of the tunnels and onto the field, and step off to Boomer Sooner gave me chills – and it wasn’t from the weather! Singing the Star Spangled Banner accompanied by the Pride and mother nature’s soundtrack was incredible. Marching with the current Pride members at halftime was an AWESOME experience! They are such a great group of kids.

    Thank you Rita and all the officers, Mr. Britt, Dr. Wakefield, Coach, the Pride student leadership, drum majors, and all of the coordinators for orchestrating a wonderful experience. Your efforts were much appreciated. It would have been icing on the cake if the Sooners had pulled out a win, but it didn’t diminish my first Alumni Band experience (too much). Everyone send in their stories to Nick at PrideAlumBook@gmail.com so the book about Coach can become a reality. Much love and BOOMER SOONER!

  10. Had a great time as usual, in spite of the weather delay. Appreciated the Oklahoman giving us an “A” grade although the team didn’t grade as well! It was good NOT to be the oldest Alum in attendance. Leon Bell and I tied last year as the “most senior” at 77. We got beat out this year by that 82-year-old guy. Sorry I forgot his name. (That’s a function of maturity.)

  11. I, too, was one of those who left early. The fact that I had visiting grandchildren, was soaking wet and shivering, and had a son who was in likewise shape had something to do with it. However, we got in one last “Boomer Sooner” after half time before I left. All in all, the experience was great and I still get those hairs standing up on the back of my neck when I play the fight song and march down the field (with my head held high…). Wish the game had gone better but, “tomorrow is another day Scarlet”.

    Boomer Sooner, all.

    • We’re all alums; none of us (except the very newest members) are in Pride shape. I managed in the tunnels and when it dried out but I had my centennial pullover OUBAA jacket for warmth. My niece is an OU student who had been sick last week and, getting soaked, had to go home at halftime. This is understandable.

      I do doubt, however, that 72,000+ people had similar stories.

  12. I wasn’t able to make it to the business meeting, due to other business in the band room and being very nearly asleep (these long days wear on us old folks, as some of you know).

    What did you all think of the lunches, the rehearsals on Friday and Saturday, the general flow (other than the security-imposed inability to bring cases into the stadium), and other parts of the day?

  13. I love the Friday night rehearsal at Catlett and the business meeting in the Baird Lounge. It’s a beautiful setting, accessible to the campus area, and you can hear what’s going in in the meeting. Not sure why we practiced on the south practice field when the practice field right behind the stadium was open. I’m sure there was a perfectly good reason that we were not privy to! The whole thing was great, once again, including the lunch!

    • The Athletic Department had said the field south of the stadium would not be available for our use at that time. I don’t know if it was because the actual field was in use, or if the security would not allow so many people in and out, or what.

      I do know that the Athletic Department has been quite good to us and our needs over the past several years, so I’m willing to extend the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

  14. Kudos to everyone who worked behind the scenes doing logistics to all those that flogged their Pride alum friends to get them out, off the couch and into the alumni band to participate! A couple of things to suggest:

    1. The alumni band this year was about 80 to 90 folks larger than last year, yet it looked like we actually had fewer seats in the stadium. As a tuba player, please remember us and be kind. (One tuba player requires three stadium seats not as a luxury, but as a necessity).
    2. It would be tremendously cool if we could not only march up the field at halftime with Pride (as we did), but what if we to play a stand tune or two with them during the halftime as well? We have the time… 🙂

    Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone to send in their Coach Letters, stories and anecdotes. Since homecoming, I have received about fifteen more. Fantastic! Keep them coming!! Send to: PrideAlumBook@gmail.com



  15. The evening was great in spite of the weather. We got close together. 🙂 It was great seeing friends … it keeps getting better!
    We love the Sooners to win … but sometimes you don’t. We love ’em anyway and we will put another “W” up real soon because … like the PGA … these guys are good!!!
    Looking forward to the coming game at K-State and next year’s homecoming.

  16. Wow…it was soooooooooo good to see my “family” again. Loved the time we spent in the Union just talking with each other and sharing and laughing about our experiences in the Pride. Wish it could be more than just once a year. Truly appreciate the time the officers spend in making all of our weekend truly wonderful and special. I loved being in our little hard-core pep band that we formed under the bleachers in the south end zone after we were finally “encouraged” to vacate and left our seats…just in time to save us from the downpour! I really, really had a blast! Kudos to all who stayed and played…

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