Homecoming 2011 schedule now online

The Homecoming 2011 schedule is now in our online events calendar, so if you subscribe, you should already have it.  If not, you can see the Web-based version right here.  Note that since the calendar combines Pride of Oklahoma events with OUBAA events, it can be slightly crowded.

If we have your E-mail address and you’ve registered for Homecoming 2011, you should have gotten an E-mail message from me about why the music isn’t up, and one from Rita with the more exact schedule.  If you did not, let one of us know so we can get it to you (and, hopefully, figure out why you didn’t already get it).

Keep in mind that, as always, the time for pregame marching is extremely approximate because it depends on network television timing, when the teams clear the field, other homecoming presentations that may come first (homecoming royalty follows us at halftime, so that’s not an issue), and perhaps more. The time on the schedule is an estimate based on how these things often work. On Saturday, you’ll get clear communications on when to be ready to march, so basically keep in mind that sometime between 6:00 and 6:20, you’ll need to get your instruments, and shortly after that you’ll need to be in position. I think. We’ll know for sure on Saturday. Don’t stress out about it.