Things people want to know, part 2

As long as I find this interesting, I thought I’d move the series to Mondays from Fridays as football season gets underway this Saturday—ugh, how can something that seemed to take forever to get here now seem to be arriving too fast?  As before, this is a look at search engine queries—things people typed into Google or Bing or Yahoo that led them to our humble site.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

1972 Pride of Oklahoma drum major

That was our good friend, the late Mel Penn. He’s only been gone six months but we still miss him greatly.

starting an alumni band association

You know, that’s an interesting question.  OUBAA was founded in 1954, 50 years after The Pride of Oklahoma first took the field, so none of our current officers was involved in the formation.  You might ask Rita Heath if she has any suggestions, and any other officers who want to volunteer can pipe up in the comments.  I’d also suggest talking to some other strong university band alumni associations (Michigan comes to mind; they publish a very slick alumni band newsletter/magazine).

meredith sigler twirler

Is she ever! Meredith Sigler ended her reign as the Pride’s Feature Twirler after the 2008 season.  This year, Megan McGeary returns for her third year as feature twirler for the Pride of Oklahoma, coming off a summer where she placed second overall in the national “Miss Majorette” competition, where she also took first place nationally in the twirling-only portion of that competition.  Way to go, Megan! [Ed: Yes, this originally had some names backward.  My apologies to both Meredith and Megan. It’s been a long week!]

OU football homecoming date

Still October 22, 2011.  I think we get a lot of people looking for it because we’re on top of it because, as the alumni band, we have to be. It’s the job.

[several queries for “poster,” “pictures,” etc.]

We’ve posted several 11″ by 17″ posters for OU symphonic wind concerts in advance of the performances, but to my knowledge, there are no “poster-size” posters of either The Pride or OUBAA images currently for sale.  Some Pride images are licensed by Sooner Sports Properties, so merchants that sell official OU logo merchandise may also have posters that include The Pride—but I’m not aware of any.  A few years ago, one of the student organizations sold pictures of a giant interlocking OU on the field as a fundraiser, but that ended the same year.  if I hear of anything, I’ll let you know.

As for pictures—the band department has a huge number of high-quality photos that they have put in the public domain, but this summer saw a revamp of the web site to use a spiffy content management system (kind of like the one that drives our new site but different to suit their different needs), and the pictures have not yet made the transition.  I’m sure they will at some point, so please have patience with them.  The first game is this Saturday (did I mention that?), so they’re a bit swamped this week!  🙂