Things people want to know

The new software makes it a little easier than before to track what search engine queries lead people here—that is, the things that people type on Google or Bing or Yahoo that leads them to click on a link that winds up here. Most of these are things like “OU Band Alumni” or “oklahoma homecoming 2011” or similar, but others can be more fun. Shall we look?

ou fight songs on cd

You don’t even need a CD; you can buy them through iTunes or now!

where does the ou band sit

Section 29, rows 1-13 (give or take; I can’t remember if the top row is 12 or 14).

oklahoma drum major

(One query said “Pride of Oklahoma Band major,” and I think they meant the same thing.) The drum major for the 2011 Pride of Oklahoma is Zack Hedrick, previously of the OU Drumline.

boomer sooner sheet music

Sorry, but The Pride’s arrangement of Boomer Sooner is copyrighted, and we can’t share it publicly. Contact OU Bands for licensing information.

(For homecoming, we’ll make the music available to those who register protected by a password. It’ll all be very simple, I promise.)

email for jeremy@gossett

You can reach Jeremy through Gossett Productions.

pictures of troy bennefield oklahoma

…you know, I’m not even going to guess on that one. Good luck, Troy!