Rah-Rahs in the iTunes Store!

I’ve been waiting a few years for this, but it’s finally happened: the 2002 Rah-Rah CD is now available in the iTunes Store and from Amazon.com!

Click this button to see and buy it: [itunes link=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/boomer-sooner-with-go-go/id455968778?uo=4″ title=”Rah-Rah! Boomer Sooner, Oklahoma, Fight For O.K.U. and More!”]

Boomer and some other rah-rahs have been in the iTunes Store for several years, but the copyright was for “Sooner Sports Properties.”  This time, the copyright is “℗ 2011 University of Oklahoma Bands,” where “℗” is the symbol for a copyrighted phono recording (the things you learn in this job).

As with all current iTunes Store music, it’s free of copy-protection, but the royalties go to the band department, so please get all your friends to buy 57 copies each.  (Well, now that Apple is rolling out its iCloud thing, it probably won’t let you buy it more than once, so just get more friends to buy them.)

If you have some aversion to Apple products, as some people do, you can also get the album from Amazon.com’s MP3 download service by clicking on this link: Rah-Rah! Boomer Sooner, Oklahoma, Fight For O.K.U. and More!

At this writing, Amazon’s price is $1 cheaper than Apple’s. I wish I knew if that meant The Pride would get less money for an Amazon sale, but I don’t know.  I suspect it does; I also suspect that due to royalty agreements, even if I asked, they wouldn’t be allowed to tell me.  But one way or another, if you or your friends don’t own this definitive Rah-Rah album that the radio stations use all the time during football season, then get it now! Supplies are not limited, but neither is Sooner Spirit!

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