Calendar updated again

The site is working but the online events calendar still has to be updated by hand, and I forgot to do it in the server move.  I’ve updated it again, and added notes from the Big 12 Master Schedule for the three games (Tulsa, MIssouri, Iowa State) that will kickoff at 7:00 PM CT and be seen on Fox’s nominally non-sports network FX.

If you want to subscribe to the OUBAA calendar in iCal, Windows Calendar, Google Calendar, or similar program, you’ll find it at oubaa.ics. On a Mac, if you just click that link, it will download the file and import the events into one of your calendars. Be sure to use “Calendar > Subscribe…” in the menu bar to subscribe to it properly and get automatic updates.

I’ll try to get the whole thing fixed next week.  Google and the other search engines now know where the new site is, I think, so over the next week they should re-index it and find everything again.