Hey, look! A brand-new site!

I hope you like how it looks as much as I do. I’ll get to write much more about it this weekend, but feel free to look around and see what you like.

Best thing? You don’t have to register!. Comments don’t require registration, and finding homecoming stuff for those who register will be as simple as using a password we give you. Huzzah! Let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Hey, look! A brand-new site!

  1. is it possible to get a digital copy of the “Pride’s 100th” picture to use as a wallpaper?

    • Tim: I spoke with Dr. Wakefield on Thursday and this exact topic came up. We have this lower-resolution version to use on the Web site, but we’re not 100% sure who owns the rights to the picture, and therefore we can’t provide a higher resolution version for download.

      (I’d love to be wrong on this, so if anyone knows otherwise, please chime in!)

      [Removed and re-added because I posted from the wrong account, d-oh]

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