The Spring 2011 Newsletter is here!

Letters from Susan Grossman, Brian Britt, Bill Wakefield, ΚΚΨ and ΤΒΣ, and a note from Betsy Penn! A financial report on Homecoming 2010! Pride Patrons updates! And more than two dozen full color pictures of the kind we don’t photocopy and mail because, well, the financial report shows you want us to spend the money on more important things. But we have them in full color, and they’re right here!

Where? Click here for your very own 5.5MB PDF file with 10 pages of OUBAA full-color goodness! Pass the URL around to any other former Pride members you know, too.

(Some of you got this in E-mail as a full-size attachment, or three attachments with sections of pages. If you got it that way, don’t bother with the link—it’s the same newsletter. It’s just far more sane to post the URL rather than send thousands of copies around the Internet and fill up your mailboxes. But if you want extra copies, click here and get as many as you want. Did I mention it’s in full color? Because it is!)