What did you think of “Band Bedlam?”

Update 28 December: Be sure to click through and read comments from OETA’s Bill Perry about Band Bedlam DVDs, rebroadcasts, and the use of previously unbroadcast footage in OETA’s Gallery in January 2012!

Consider this an open thread for your thoughts on the OETA show or other issues of this BEDLAM week.  Comment away! (No registration required.)

Merry Christmas from OUBAA!

The timing of the season usually doesn’t give The Pride opportunity to play Christmas (or even holiday) tunes, but a rare 1989 concert in Tulsa late in the season provided just such a chance. From that concert, introduced by none other than George Ryan, here’s Leroy Anderson’s classic. Please enjoy with the warmest wishes of the season from all your friends at OUBAA—we’ll be back tomorrow with news of the Insight Bowl trip and where to see the 2011 Pride of Oklahoma!

Pride Sleigh Ride (1989)

“Band Bedlam”

OETA, The Oklahoma Network, presents an original 30-minute production about the marching bands at the state’s two largest universities: The Pride of Oklahoma, and the OSU Cowboy Marching Band.

Band Bedlam premieres Thursday, December 1, at 7:00 PM (CST) on the stations of OETA. It will be rebroadcast Saturday, December 3 (Bedlam Day!) at 6:30 AM.  If you get OETA’s digital sub channels (like KETA-DT 13-2 in Oklahoma City, available over Cox Cable HD service and via antenna), you can also see it on Friday, December 2 at 8:30 AM or 4:00 PM, or Saturday, December 3 at 1:00 PM or 4:30 PM.  Dish Network and DirecTV subscribers without antennas do not receive the subchannels, plus you really want to watch it Thursday night anyway.

Don’t believe me? Look at the embedded video below, which is the first minute of the program. If you donated to OETA, you should have received December’s Odyssey program guide by now, which includes a cover story about the program, too. A lot of the scenes in this video should look verrrrry familiar to you, and now the rest of the state gets a chance to see what you saw. Here’s a preview:

“Band Bedlam” Preview Clip

Calendar updated


Our events calendar has been updated with the times of the final three games of the season.  Games at Baylor and at OSU kickoff at 7:00 PM CST; the final home game (against Iowa State) kicks off at 11:00 AM CDT. The gameday schedule for Iowa State is also online, including the 5:30 AM rehearsal—yikes!

All three games will be telecast by ESPN on ABC.  I’m sure the OSU game will be nationally televised, given the BCS implications, but you can check here after Thursday of each week to see how ESPN/ABC plan to handle national and regional coverage in your area.

Coming later this week: more on “Band Bedlam,” notes about Monday’s final symphonic wind concert of the semester, and whatever else comes up that we find and you might want to know. BCS expert Jerry Palm now predicts, on his subscription site CollegeBCS.com, that the BCS National Championship game will be LSU vs. Oklahoma. In New Orleans. Talk about a classic case of good news-bad news!

That deserves more good news, so here’s another poster for “Band Bedlam:”

Texas A&M gameday schedule is up

You can find it in your calendar program if you subscribe to our events calendar, or find it on the Web here.

Kickoff is at 2:30 PM. The game will either be on your local ABC station (as it will here in Oklahoma), or on ESPN2. Check here later this week for ESPN’s full coverage map and exact Dish Network/DIRECTV channel numbers. (Satellite customers get several “ESPN Alternate” channels because, unlike local cable companies, the satellite providers can’t switch what you seen on “ESPN” or “ESPN2” based on your region. In those cases, you can usually at least see the game in standard definition on one of the “alternate” channels. If not, you’ll have to use ESPN3 or the pay-per-view ESPN GamePlan.)

Got photos of Homecoming? [updated]

If you’ve got photos you’d like to share of Homecoming 2011, post the URLs here (to Flickr, or TwitPic, or wherever you share your pictures).

[Update: Fellow alum Matt Horton alerts us in the comments that videos from the press box of 2011 OUBAA pregame and halftime performances are available online now!]

And if you have any you’d like to see added to the rotation of photos that show on every page of the site, just E-mail them to me and I’ll get them into the mix at some point. Due to the design of the site, photos are cropped to exactly 1000 pixels by 288 pixels, so please make sure your pics are at least 1000 pixels wide or we can’t use them (stretching shorter pictures to fit just looks awful). We don’t need super-hires photos or anything, just at least 1000 pixels wide. Most phone cameras these days shoot at least twice that resolution, so you should be fine. 🙂

Homecoming 2011 open thread

I’ll start with the bad:

  • The weather
  • The delays
  • The final score

And now the good:

  • Section 29
  • Section 36
  • Pregame
  • Halftime
  • Never quitting
  • Being a Sooner

Despite the final score, I was very proud yesterday to be associated with both The Pride and OUBAA. No one who was there could doubt how traditions and champions are built.

Tell us what you think—add your own comments, no registration required!