Register NOW for homecoming!

Rita Heath has now sent out the 2010 OUBAA Newsletter to everyone she can find via E-mail. If you did not get one somehow, you can grab a slightly down-resolution copy of it here in PDF format. (This version is 1.3MB, compared to the 3.5MB version she sent in E-mail, just to keep the server from crying if you all download it 12 times.)

The registration deadline for “Homecoming 2010” is September 25, 2010. That’s just three weeks after the first home game this weekend. If you need reminding, look near the top of the home page and see the Counting Red Box of Reminding.

As with last year, you can register online for Homecoming 2010, including extras like tickets, lunch tickets, extra shirts (new red shirts this year, which is why one is included it in every marcher’s registration), optional embroidery, and all that fun stuff. Payment is processed by PayPal, so you can use any major credit card or, of course, your PayPal account.

Two notes, just to be clear:

  1. When an item has optional information, like the text to embroider on your shirt or the info about your years in Pride and instrument borrowing, enter all of that before you click “Add to Cart.” Every time you click “Add to Cart,” you’re adding a new item to your cart. (Fear not, you can always edit the cart and remove whatever you want.) But for easiest registration, make sure you’ve provided all of an item’s options before adding it to your cart.

  2. We add a small “shipping” fee to each item to account for the fees that PayPal (and frankly, every credit card processor) deducts from the purchase price. This is not actual shipping, it’s just fee recovery. Since we’re not paying PayPal a big chunk of change for “merchant services,” it’s the best of the limited options available.

    This only gets confusing if you want extra shirts mailed to you. If you don’t, you can safely skip the next paragraph.

    If you do want extra shirts mailed to you, that requires a separate $5 fee (for each shirt) that you must add separately to the cart. If you intend to come pick up the shirts yourself, you should not add the $5 shipping item to your cart. The “shipping” that PayPal adds automatically is unrelated to mailing shirts, and amounts to something like 2.5% of the total purchase price because that’s roughly what PayPal charges OUBAA to do this for us. Since a huge percentage of you used online registration last year, it’s an insurance policy to make sure that 2.5% of a huge total doesn’t wind up costing the general fund several hundred dollars.

If you have any questions, contact me (the Webmaster) or Rita Heath and we’ll do our best to answer them. And don’t delay those registrations—they’re due three weeks from Saturday!