Homecoming 2010 is October 16!

The red box has returned to the Web site’s home page with this afternoon’s announcment that Homecoming 2010 is now officially on for October 16, when the Sooners take on Iowa State (in Norman, obviously).

Parents Day (not to be confused with the separate Pride Parents Day) is October 30 vs. Colorado.

Everyone (including your officers) just found out today, so it will take some time to get the process started on forms and registration and the like. Of course, given the realities of modern college football television contracts, we probably will not know the kickoff time until October 4, or perhaps as late as October 11 if something goes really strange. It seems more likely that we’ll know by October 4 (13 days ahead) because Saturday, October 9, is the Sooners’ bye week—one week after Texas, one week before homecoming. You can see all of this on our Events calendar if you wish.

Also, the band department also promises us an online (PDF) registration form for the annual alumni golf tournament later in the week, and we’ll link to that when we have it, too. With concerts in the next two weeks, as well, the activity is really starting to pick up for band folks!