Next two kickoff times set [UPDATED]

Update: And now, a day later, we know that the next home game on November 14, when the Sooners host the Texas A&M Aggies, will kickoff at 6:00 PM CST with regional coverage on Fox Sports Networks (FSN). That’ll make the schedule very similar to the Homecoming schedule, but without the parade and the OUBAA participation, of course. :-):

The Athletic Department just announced that Nebraska vs. OU will kick-off at 7:00 PM CST on ABC. The network had taken what I think was the last of their “six-day notice” opportunities for the season and not set the kickoff time until today or tomorrow. This is good news, because the game will be more widely available—had ABC not aired the game at either 2:30 PM or 7:00 PM, it would have gone to the Comcast network Versus, who would have aired it at 11:30 AM.

(A huge number of people do not have Versus, including the tens of millions DirecTV subscribers, because DirecTV was already paying Comcast more than the channel was worth given its ratings before September 2009. Then Comcast demanded something like an 80% increase in the cost to carry the channel, even though the ratings hadn’t gone up significantly in the four years that DirecTV had been paying more than it had already been worth. DirecTV stood firm, and Versus left DirecTV on September 1. ABC’s decision to carry the game means millions more people will see the 5-3 Sooners battle the 5-3 Huskers in one of the Big 12’s most traditional grudge matches.)

We’ll have a lot more on the aftermath of Homecoming 2009 in the next few days as everyone recovers, but please allow me to say both “thank you” for your kind words yesterday and for the treats, and to say that I thought that halftime exceeded my wildest expectations. When we start seeing videos of last night (as opposed to from November 1, 2007—you can tell the difference because last time, the Pride was wearing white coats, not red ones), we’ll start linking and embedding them on a special page here. But from me, thank you for an exceptionally memorable and fantastic Homecoming. I’m very proud to have been able to support all of you in ambitious performances like that one, and you all came through magnificiently.