2009 Homecoming Schedule

You asked for the schedule, and we have it! It’s already on the Events calendar, but here it is as well:

10:45 AM Marching Rehearsal—Meet at the Everest indoor practice facility southeast of the stadium for Rehearsal with the Pride and Pre-game.
Please be ready to take the field at 10:45 AM. We suggest being there by 10:30 AM.
12:45 PM Registration—for those who didn’t attend Friday’s Rehearsal (Beaird Lounge in Student Union). Refreshments served
1:00 PM Business Meeting—Beaird Lounge – Second Floor Oklahoma Memorial Union
2:30 PM Lunch—served in the Beaird Lounge, Oklahoma Memorial Union, for those who purchased lunch tickets. Serving will stop at 3:30 PM.
3:00 PM Homecoming Parade Begins—for those wanting to watch
5:00 PM Get instruments—Get into the game (leave plenty of time to get through tickets and security), get your instruments, and head towards the tunnels.
5:45 PM Step-off—Pre-game Begins
6:00 PM Kick-off—Time to take the Wildcats!!

Click on the link above for a computer-generated version that you can get in printer-friendly form (and that’s combined with The Pride‘s schedule), or click on the image to download your own version in PDF format.

The only ambivalence in the above schedule is “5:20 PM”—honestly, based on what we know, OUBAA Pre-game step-off is likely to be anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes after that actual time. We’ll know more on Friday and will communicate the time and the procedures thoroughly on Saturday morning at rehearsal, but you can’t go wrong if you’re ready to go at 5:20 PM.

If there are any changes to this schedule, we will alert you through the mailing list so everyone gets it in their inbox, as well as posting it here. So if you haven’t signed up for our mailing list yet, this would be a really good time to click this link and do that.

Ask Rita Heath if you have any questions, as this is Homecoming Week! Boomer Sooner!