A few times added to the events calendar

The TV networks with Big 12 contracts exercised one of their rare (once or twice per season) options to set the kickoff time for the OU-Miami game with only six days’ notice. Normally, the networks have to decide no later than 13 days if they’re going to televise a game, and that’s when kickoff time is set.

So we had the rare instance of learning in the past two days both the kickoff time for OU at Miami on October 3 (7:00 PM CDT) and for Baylor at OU on October 10mn (2:30 PM CDT). Both games will be televised regionally by “ESPN on ABC,” with some areas Saturday night seeing USC at Cal rather than OU at Miami. After Wednesday, you should be able to click here and see the map showing which parts of the country will not see OU vs. Miami.

I put that up front because I saw someone came to the site today looking for the info. Of course, it’s been updated on the “events calendar”, and we’ll keep updating that with schedule information as we get it. (Someone else came looking for The Pride’s schedule during OU-Texas week, but that won’t be made public until that week.)

Even more important, however, is that the OU Band Department presents the first band concert of the fall semester on Thursday night. More on that later today—be sure to finish your Homecoming 2009 Registration before heading to the concert so you don’t miss the deadline!