Saturday is a Big Day for The Pride

I think it hurts more when you know you could have won the game but did not. I’ve seen the Sooners in off years (like about 12 years ago) in games where it was obvious they were overmatched, and while the losses were still disappointing, anything else would have been a miracle. Against BYU, just like at the BCS National Championship nine months ago, had 2-3 plays gone just slightly the other way, the outcome would have been different. For me, that’s always what really hurts—some for me, but just as much for the team and for our successors in The Pride of Oklahoma. As with last year’s Texas game, a mid-game injury to a key player causes real trouble for the Sooners.

We’ll see how well they bounce back this Saturday night at Owen Field, as the Sooners host the Idaho State Bengals in a game available only on pay-per-view in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets. Kickoff is at 6:07 PM or thereabouts, but if you’re in the stadium, you’ll see something really special.

For the first time since 1982, Saturday is Band Day at Owen Field!

We are very excited to tell you that thanks to the cooperation of Mr. Joe Castiglione, Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics Programs and Director of Athletics, and our Athletics Marketing Department, The Pride of Oklahoma is once again inviting high school band members to join us on the field as part of a special Band Day performance! This exciting event will take place on Saturday, September 12, 2009 in conjunction with the Oklahoma vs. Idaho State game.

I, your humble Webmaster, was fortunate enough to participate in the last such event held in Norman—but as a high school band member, still a few years from auditioning for The Pride. Unlike those events, where only entire high school bands could participate, this year’s event welcomes some entire bands as well as individual musicians from any band in the state.

(If you’re a band parent, you know how ridiculously crazy schedules are for students who participate in extra-curricular activiites have gotten in the past decade or so. A lot of great musicians at larger schools would love to be on the field with The Pride, but the school itself might not be able to arrange for a 200-member band to all show up, all day Saturday, in uniform, for such an event when there might have been an away game requiring the full band’s participation a hundred miles away on Friday night. Allowing individual participants lets students from schools take part in Band Day even if their entire bands can’t make the commitment.)

It’s the home opener as well. “The Pride” will reprise last night’s performance of a salute to all five Sooner Heisman Trophy winners (including the injured-for-a-few-weeks Sam Bradford) and perform a new tune with the high school musicians. The game also features the home debut of feature twirler Megan McGeary, a world-class twirler and a very nice person, much like her predecessor, Meredith Sigler (who helped recruit Megan!). I’m sure you’ll agree that Megan will make an outstanding addition to the Pride’s rich history of champion feature twirlers.

Meanwhile, the countdown on the red box on the home page continues to tick away as registrations for Homecoming 2009 are due by October 1. They’re arriving steadily, so make sure yours is one of them—don’t delay!