Cleaning up the site membership

This Web site and our mailing list are two separate systems, so membership in one does not map to membership in the other. Since the mailing list gets information out faster, we’d naturally prefer all Pride Alumni to sign up for it, but it’s difficult to get the word out at times. As Rita noted, OUBAA is reducing its paper mailing because E-mail is all but free to us and paper and postage are very much not. (Considering that “The Pride” has counted over 200 members each year for all of my conscious life, that’s a lot of alumni—and a lot of newsletters!)

In an attempt to give everyone the opportunity to stay up to date, I’ve invited all members of this Web site to join the mailing list. Since your member name here is your E-mail address, we have a lot of E-mail addresses to invite, and we hope you’ll all join the list and stay up-to-date.

The downside to using an E-mail address as a username is that for many people, that address changes over time as you change jobs or change ISPs. Because of that, we’ll get back a significant number of bounced invitations because those E-mail addresses are now dead.

Sometime over the next week or two, we’ll take the bounce information and use it to delete members on here whose E-mail addresses are no longer valid. This probably won’t affect many people, but there’s always the chance that you’re logging into the site using an old, invalid E-mail address because you never need to get mail at that address. (If you forget your password, the site mails it to you at your address on file—if that address is dead, you can still log on as long as you remember your password, but you can’t get any password reminders if you forget it.)

You are not logged in right now, so this is very unlikely to affect you. If you’ve registered before, please log in, or join the site at your current E-mail address by registering (it’s free). It’s how you can see members-only documents such as Homecoming 2009 music and other files as they become available.