2009 Newsletter and Registration Form now online

If you are one of the many hundreds of thousands of handsome and intelligent people who have subscribed to our mailing list, you got the 2009 Newsletter and Homecoming Registration Forms in E-mail last night. Thanks, Rita!

We won’t be mailing printed copies if we have an email address for you so if you haven’t received a copy yet, you can still be as handsome/beautiful and intelligent as those who are already on the mailing list by getting your copies online, right now, for absolutely free:

Note that registrations for Homecoming 2009 must be postmarked by October 1, 2009! As with last year, we’ve adjusted the home page countdown as a gentle reminder to get yours in now and not to put it off. Slots are selling out fast, as far as you know!

You can, however, be the most handsomest and smarterest (or beautifulest) of all by registering online and paying with your major credit card or PayPal account. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you don’t have to put anything in the mail. Note: In the field for Instrument, add the word ‘borrow’ if you need to borrow a large brass, percussion instrument please. You still can, of course; you can bring a check to Homecoming on October 30th in the Newman Band Rehearsal Hall, just like always, if that’s what you prefer. But if you’d rather take care of it now, just click here.

Pay Online for Homecoming 2009! (Dues, too!)

You can register for Homecoming 2009 and pay for your dues, registration, meal, tickets, and shirt (if necessary) all on this page, using any major credit card or your own PayPal account.

Solution Graphics

Important shipping and fees info

PayPal charges a small fixed fee and a small percentage of the sale price to process credit cards and deposit the money for us. As the Homecoming items are not priced at any kind of a profit, there’s a chance that these small fees could turn into an actual expense. To avoid this, we’ve added a small “shipping” fee to recover the costs of using PayPal.

All orders therefore have a small “shipping” charge that cannot be removed. This fee is to recover PayPal fees and is not for any actual shipping.

It’s more like a “handling” fee, but PayPal only lets us use certain names for “shipping” options, so ours says “Standard Shipping (2-3 weeks).” Again, it’s not for actual shipping, it’s to recover the very small costs of online payment.

Registration, tickets, and dues for Homecoming 2009

Annual dues (whether marching or not): $15.00
When were you in The Pride?

Registration for each marching member: $25.00
What instrument do you play?
Need to borrow one?

Football ticket for OU vs. Kansas State, October 31, 2009: $79.00 per marcher

Required for each member marching at the game unless you already have your own ticket! You can’t get in without a ticket!

Guest football ticket for OU vs. Kansas State, October 31, 2009: $79.00

Guests cannot get in without a ticket either!

Limit of one (1) unless approved by OUBAA officers

Homecoming Lunch: $8 per diner

If you want to order a Uniform Golf Shirt and have it mailed to you, that’s an extra $5, and you must add that to your cart or we won’t mail the shirt to you. (You can always come back and buy the “mail me a shirt” option later, so don’t worry.)

OUBAA Uniform Golf Shirts

OUBAA Uniform Golf Shirt (If you already have one, and it’s still wearable, you don’t need to buy a new one):

Small $22.00

Medium $22.00

Large $22.00

Extra Large (XL) $22.00

2XL $24.00

3XL $24.00

4XL $26.00

Mailing any shirt: $5 each

(No mailing necessary if you pick them up at Homecoming 2009)

Of course, we still accept checks and all the traditional OUBAA payment forms. This is simply a new option for those who want to pay securely, online, instantly. We’ve only added the small fee recovery (it’s less than 3%) because otherwise, if lots of you use this, it could cost OUBAA several hundred dollars in fees. It seemed wiser to add a few dollars in fees to each order than hope the grand total wasn’t too much for OUBAA to eat. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The official OU app for your iPhone!

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch (you may even be reading this on such a device), Click on this OU2GO button to download the new, official, student-driven “OU2GO” application for iPhone OS 3.0 and later. It’s free!

The free application features:

  • Campus Map: pan and zoom across the map with the interactive interface, search for buildings, mark favorites, and access information about department locations and phone numbers.

  • Weather: view current campus conditions, a 7-day and hourly forecast, and current radar.

  • News Feed: select from a number of OU news sources to access information about campus, sports, and OU departments. [This includes School of Music news!]

  • Media: OU YouTube channel and streaming audio from KGOU.

  • Tradition: play OU fight songs, look up information about the university, and access OU facts.

Both iPhone and iPod Touch include “location” features that find where you are on the planet (original iPhone and all iPod Touch models do this by triangulating the location of known wireless access points or cell phone towers; iPhone 3G and later use a built-in GPS receiver). I tried the application’s “Find me” feature in the Newman Band Hall last week, and it immediately highlighted Catlett Music Center as my location. Impressive!

Also, as you can see from the picture above, the application includes spirit songs from The Pride of Oklahoma, with a background that’s the current Flute/Piccolo part to Oklahoma! Count along with the multi-bar rests!

The application is free from OU2GO.