Homecoming 2009: October 30-31!

Mark your calendars now, for we know when Homecoming 2009 is: it’s Halloween! The page linked above is for “Reunion,” an OU Alumni function with extra activities for specific graduating classes each year. They seem to be paired with significant anniversaries plus those from the following year, probably to account for things like five-year degrees for degree holders who felt more strongly aligned with their classmates who got their degrees in four years.

This year, Reunion honors the classes of 1954-1955 (55th anniversary), 1959-1960 (50th), 1964-1965 (45th), and the President’s Medallion Club.

However, after contacting the Alumni Office, they confirmed that this is also the date for Homecoming 2009: October 30-31, with Homecoming 2009 assigned to the Kansas State game on Halloween at Owen Field. Kickoff time probably won’t be set until 13 days before the game, as usual. (OU has set some kickoff times for the season, and those are now entered on our Events calendar.)

Obviously this is just the first bit of information that will be posted (and sent to our mailing list) as we receive and determine it. When we have a fee schedule for dues and tickets and everything else, we will again have those online as we did for last year’s fees, so you can easily and securely pay online via PayPal and order shirts, lunches, or whatever happens to be available.*

So keep your eye on this page, or subscribe to the mailing list, and we’ll let you know what we know as soon as we can. Homecoming vs. the Wildcats, once again coached by Bill Snyder, who is one of Coach Stoops’ mentors. It should be a good game! BOOMER SOONER!

(*Having no additional information at this time, this is no promise that there will be shirts, lunches, or anything else: it depends upon logistics and game times. They might be sweatshirts and breakfast for all I know. I’m just reporting dates. Don’t blame me.)