Congratulations to Larry Wade

Did you know that one of our own is on the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents? Not only that, but this past week, Larry Wade was selected as vice-chairman of the board!

I’m not even inferring the connection: he says so himself!

A longtime supporter of his alma mater, Wade is an endowed President’s Associate and a lifetime member of the Alumni Association and also has endowed several scholarships. He served on the Reach for Excellence Campaign board and on search committees for two OU deans and the director of the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band. He is a member of the Touchdown Club, the Tip-in Club and the Pride of Oklahoma Alumni Club.

Emphasis added in case you didn’t know that, on some university lists, OUBAA is “Pride of Oklahoma Alumni Club,” or as seen on this donation page for our general (non-scholarship) fund, “OU Club of Band Alumni.” But it’s all OUBAA—that’s us!

Congratulations, Larry!