Breaking news!

Mack Brown demands that the Philadelphia Eagles be voted into the Super Bowl anyway since they’re clearly the better team.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

The actual news isn’t as funny but is more important: the OU Foundation has worked with us to provide secure online forms for donations directly to our scholarship funds. Rather than wait for a newsletter, or mail a check, or bring one to homecoming, you can put a few bucks into your favorite scholarship fund any time you’re browsing the Web.

These scholarship funds become even more important in slower times, because even a modest scholarship can make the difference between a student who wins a place in The Pride of Oklahoma and can accept it, and one who cannot because he or she can’t make time for both work and performance.

Since the OU Alumni Club matches our scholarships with an equal amount of tuition waivers (up to $1000), a little can go a long way. And your employer may match your gift, so it could be doubled in value going into the funds and doubled in value coming out as well!

We’ve posted a new page with all of the information on donating: how the scholarship funds work, how the money is used (with links to the Foundation’s guidelines for using funds), the payout rate, and more. Our other new page for making donations has links to all nine of our scholarship fund (eight named funds and one general scholarship fund), plus Foundation links for both OUBAA and University Band non-scholarship funds, and a link for sending non-scholarship money to OUBAA via PayPal (not tax-deductible).

The donation page has all the details. It’s easy to find because it’s right there in the left side of the page from now on, right underneath our logo. The URLs for both the donation page and the reasons for donating page are stable and easy to remember, too, so feel free to send them to anyone you know who might want to throw in a few bucks for future generations of Pride.

Even small donations add up quickly, and now anyone can make small donations anytime they want. I hope we’ll see those funds grow like never before so the most talented musicians, in Oklahoma and elsewhere, will know they can get assistance if they can earn a spot in The Pride of Oklahoma!