Pride takes a break in Tallahassee [video]

The modern connected world takes a bit of getting used to. We had heard from current Pride members and staff that they were looking at the videos we posted of their bowl game performances at a rest stop before heading on to dinner in Tallahassee at about 8PM CST on Friday night.

Five hours later, video of that dinner stop was online at The Norman Transcript, courtesy of the Tallahassee Democrat.
We were going to embed the video here, but we can’t do so without it automatically starting (with audio) before you started reading this, so you’ll need to click the link above to view the short video. Still, pretty cool!

By the time most of you read this, the 2008 Prie of Oklahoma will have returned to Norman and officially finished its performances. Our thanks again to all of this year’s members for a hard-fought season and their fantastic work moving our tradition forward!