Pride videos from the bowl game

If you didn’t get to see The Pride of Oklahoma during Thursday night’s bowl game, you can purchase the entire game from FOX on iTunes for $4.99 if you want. An abbreviated version will also replay on most of the regional Fox Sports Network channels for much of the next 3000 years, especially Fox Sports Southeast (and Southwest, which is based in Texas).

If you just want to see the band, we’ve got you covered! First up is the segment of Oklahoma! that FOX aired during pregame:

And, of course, the segment of halftime that aired, to the delight of Barry Switzer. This features part of Roland Barrett’s arrangement of Pinball Wizard from this year’s The Who show.

If you saw the skycam streaming video of halftime and wanted to know how The Pride of the Sunshine Fightin’ Gator Marching Band looked on the broadcast, here that is too:

Finally, if you read on the mailing list that FOX’s live streaming Web video showed all of halftime from the cable-operated skycam that floats about 15 feet above the field, we have that as well. The good news is that it shows all of both halftime shows, with audio (although choppy at the end of each show). The bad news is that it’s only from the overhead camera (although it moves around all the time), and since it was streaming Web video, it wasn’t super high-quality to begin with. Nonetheless, it’s the only place you’ll see all of both halftime shows unless you were in the stadium, and here it is:

Thanks to FOX for the great video, and remember to go buy the game in iTunes if you want to own it.