The Oklahoman notes the Pride’s trip

It’s not quite like last year, when KWTV’s launch of (separating from The Oklahoman at the time) led them to send a crew with The Pride on the Fiesta Bowl trip and publish blogs from no fewer than six Pride members during the trip (as chronicled here), but it’s a nice standard short piece about the trip, with quotes from Brian Britt and drum major Jason Marshall, whom many of you met at Homecoming 2008.

We continue to bring you today’s news yesterday! We posted details of public performances on Friday. What’s more, the “More Info” box with the list of public Pride performances looks (to my eye, but I’m jaded) a bit more like the slightly reworded version on our Events calendar than the itinerary sent to Pride members, so maybe they came here for info! If so, welcome to Oklahoman reporters and staff—click on the name of any member who posted a message to send them E-mail if you want to ask them questions! :-):

There are some interesting comments to the article, including someone wondering if the band members hate Boomer Sooner! Feel free to sign up at and post your own comments! And keep wishing our men and women in crimson and cream a fun, productive, relaxing, and trophy-producing trip starting tomorrow! Several dozen of them are about to join our ranks, and we welcome them all!