Goin’ Back to Miami!

While The Whines of Texas shall surely continue, the bowls are determined, and Oklahoma is the BCS #1 team! Fresh off last night’s victory for the Big 12 Championship, the Sooners will face #2 Florida for the national championship on January 8, 2009, in Miami!

The sports writers continue to pretend that they can’t figure out how to explain why OU is here and Texas is not, but in truth, any sports writer or pundit who says this is lying—they know perfectly well why. Here’s the short version:

Only Boise State and Utah went undefeated, but they didn’t play a difficult schedule, so they’re not going to play for the national championship.

That leaves a series of teams with one loss each, and the BCS system’s task is to decide which two of those teams should play for the title. The answer is “the two teams whose losses were the least painful.” Florida lost by one point to a conference opponent, early in the season, on a blocked extra point. They came back strong and are the darlings of the East Coast media.

Oklahoma’s single loss was by ten points, but it was to a very good team. In fact, OU’s only loss was to the highest-ranked team that won’t play for the national title: #3 Texas. Texas has a history of late-season collapses, and if that had led to more than one loss (as usual), then OU’s rankings wouldn’t have been as strong. But since Texas had only one loss, and to a top-ten team at that, OU’s loss to Texas was seen as far less damaging than, say, losing to #7 Texas Tech, or to #27 Oregon State.

So, thanks Mack! If your team hadn’t done so well, the Sooners might not have gotten to go to Miami! (Your team wouldn’t either, but you have eight whole months to read the eight sentences of tie-breakers and understand them. That’s just one sentence per month! We know you can do it!)

I think my favorite part of the BCS Selection Show on FOX was when they showed current Pride members playing in the Band Room and labeled it the “Barry Switzer Center.” That’s where Coach Stoops was—the pep band was in the band room we all know and (more or less) love.

The schedule for The Pride in Florida will come together over the next week. When we know more about performances and rehearsals, we’ll be sure to post them to our Events calendar. The Gators are for real, and the challenge facing the Sooners is as big as any Sooner team has dealt with. The Gators will be favored, just like Florida State was in 2000, and the crowd will not be on Oklahoma’s side.

And there’s a full month (plus a day) until the actual game.

Neither the team, nor the spirit organizations, nor the fans get to coast through this game. Finishing strong takes as much work as getting here, so keep your reds and whites clean and ready—and stay tuned for further Pride updates!