For the 2008 Big XII Championship

You know, honestly, when I made this argument here on Sunday morning, I had not heard it anywhere else—that’s why I posted it. Yet despite a paucity of page views, “Texas knew the rules” seems to have settled in as the explanation that Mack said he couldn’t provide. A Texas Tech group even paid for a banner flying over Austin this week reading, “HEY MACK. QUIT WHINING U KNEW THE RULES”. Jerry Palm referred to this as “In the two wrongs make it even wronger department.”

Nonetheless, the Longhorns are eagerly rooting for Missouri in Saturday night’s Big XII Championship, because if Missouri wins, Texas is in prime position to play for the BCS National Championship against the winner of the SEC Championship. The bad news for them is that Oklahoma is in better position: if OU wins vs. a Missouri team the Sooners have not seen this season, the Sooners will play the SEC winner. Jerry Palm at “” says the math makes it all but impossible for USC to jump into the #2 spot even if Missouri wins the conference, so it’s the SEC champ vs. either OU or Texas for the national title.

The Pride of Oklahoma has no public rehearsals or off-site events tomorrow—it’s all at the stadium, including both pre-game and halftime performances. Since the Sooners are the “home” team for the championship, The Pride marches second in both cases.

Arrowhead Stadium is a fine football facility, currently being made even more fine with ongoing renovations. That means some roads inside the Truman Sports Complex are currently blocked. You’ll want to plan to arrive at the sports complex no later than 6:00 PM to be sure you can park and get to your seats before The Pride takes the field for pre-game, scheduled for 6:49 PM. If you can be there earlier and clap for our friends in the Marching Mizzou, all the better.

The Tigers have a lot to prove and little to lose; the Sooners are essentially in their third consecutive week of playoffs. As with Texas Tech just two weeks ago, there will be a game after this, but it doesn’t matter nearly as much if the Sooners don’t prevail in this one.

As with last week’s game, the Sooners are on the road against a team that’s capable of surprising everyone at any given moment, led by a quarterback who sat as a Heisman finalist a year ago but will not do so this year and who therefore may have something to prove on the biggest stage he’ll get of the year. As you can see from the survey on the left (click for a larger image) taken on, most of the game is paying more attention to the SEC Championship, with two states as notable red exceptions. All the more reason not to let up on the intensity!

Kickoff time is 7:10 PM CST with national coverage in high-definition on ABC. If you’re there, don’t let up for a moment. If you’re not, don’t let up either. Boomer Sooner! Game on.