Final home game: 7:00 PM on ESPN

They’re already touting it as the “Game of the Century” for this Saturday in Norman, but haven’t we already had one or two of those in Norman this decade already? I vividly remember when #1 Nebraska came to play #3 Oklahoma in October 2000—”Red October”—and it was the loudest day I’ve ever experienced in Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. It was easily the loudest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been in enclosed rooms with the drumline.

And that game kicked off at 11:00 AM. ESPN College Gameday was in town, and the entire atmosphere was crazy. This time, of course, it’ll be completely different. #1 Texas Tech comes to play #5 Oklahoma with the Big 12 South title (and potential national championship game slot) on the line, ESPN College Gameday will be in town, but kickoff is at 7:00 PM. Completely different.

(Did I mention that since that Nebraska game, they’ve added about 10,000 seats to the stadium? No? Well, maybe it’s going to be a little bit crazy too.)

The Pride will perform for College Gameday in the morning, and then it’s going to be one wild Senior Day for those members who are on the brink of joining us as OU Band Alumni. The rehearsal and concert schedule are on our Events calendar if you want to come show support for this final home performance of the 2008 season, too. If not, put on your reds and whites and get in front of a good HDTV with ESPN at 7:00 PM, because this may be a game for the current Pride members like that “Red October” game of 2000.

Texas Tech is favored to win the game, but I can’t help but remember what huge favorites the Longhorns were going into the 2000 OU-Texas game. No one seemed to think OU’s defense could stand up to the Texas attack. Then something…happened.

If there’s one rule for Sooner Football, it’s “don’t rule anything out.” We hope to see you there!