[UPDATED] Final 2008 Home Game in prime time!

Congrats to our Pride of Oklahoma for keeping the energy at Kyle Field high during Saturday afternoon’s game—at least for the fans in red (instead of maroon). With the Sooners’ road win over Texas A&M, they rise to #5 in the BCS, and take the next week off before meeting two top-ten teams to close out the season.

We know today that the final home game against #2-ranked Texas Tech will start at 7:00 PM on Saturday, November 22. The Pride‘s full schedule is already updated on our Events calendar if you can come out to see the seniors, who are about to join us as Pride Alumni (always a bittersweet time).

Update: Well, I take it back. ESPN College Gameday is coming to Norman on November 22, and that likely means Pride participation as it has in the past. That means the rehearsal will be moved back to the morning hours, but we don’t have the final schedule yet. I’ve removed the rehearsal stuff from the Events calendar and will update it again when we have final times. ESPN! Things are getting big, folks!

Since Texas Tech defeated OSU in Lubbock on Saturday, they still control their own destiny for both the Big 12 and BCS National Championships. OSU is now out of the conference title picture, at least without a major miracle. If OU wins out and Texas Tech loses only to OU, the three-way conference tie might resolve in favor of the Sooners, because the division title goes to the team with the highest BCS ranking in the November 30 release.

However, Texas is currently two spots ahead of Oklahoma, and there’s no promise that two high-quality wins for the Sooners would push them ahead of Texas in the rankings. Jerry Palm of CollegeBCS.com thinks the Sooners would win that tie-breaker “because they have more of a chance to make a favorable impression on voters than Texas does,” but there are no guarantees.

If OU wins out and Texas loses one of its last two games, to either Kansas or Texas A&M, then OU wins the Big 12 South and plays for the championship, probably against Missouri. (Missouri clinches the Big 12 North this weekend if they win or if Kansas loses to Texas. Unless both of those things don’t happen, Missouri wins the division.)

Penn State’s loss drops them out of national title consideration, but it’s a bit of a problem for our friend Betty Wiseman and her Michigan State Spartans. As Jerry Palm put it, “If Penn State entered [the Michigan State-Penn State] game with the Nittany Lions undefeated, that game would have been for the Big Ten title. Now, MSU needs someone to beat Ohio State.” (He actually said “Spartans undefeated,” but he meant Penn State.)

Too much football yet to play! BOOMER SOONER!