OU at Texas A&M at 2:30 PM CST on Saturday

The full Pride of Oklahoma heads to College Station, TX, for the regionally televised matchup of our BCS #6 Sooners and the Texas A&M Aggies. (If the BCS rankings were extended to ranks teams that didn’t votes in either of the polls, and going only by the computer rankings, the 4-5 Aggies would come in at #64 out of the 120 “Bowl Championship Division” NCAA teams, according to CollegeBCS.com.)

Although my own DVR lists ABC as carrying Penn State vs. Iowa at 2:30 PM on Saturday (from KOCO in Oklahoma City), ABC and ESPN insist that everyone in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and most of New Mexico, Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Montana will see OU vs. Texas A&M. The southeastern seaboard will see Clemson at Florida State in HD, and the rest of the country gets Penn State at Iowa in HD. And yes, that means the OU game is not in high-definition this week. When ABC has three regional games simultaneously, one of them is not in HD. This week, it’s OU. Check out the ESPN regional coverage maps for exact details.

The Pride will be at the game, and a pep band heads down early to perform at the rally organized by the OU Club of Houston. Details about that rally (and links to the OU Club of Houston’s Web page about it) may be found on our Events calendar. There’s a lot of Big 12 football happening in the next four weeks, and no one knows how it’s going to end up yet, but we’re still in the hunt! BOOMER SOONER!