Berry Tramel stands in voting line with Dr. Wakefield

Berry’s been on a band roll the past few weeks. Today’s entry, from The Oklahoman‘s blogs:

I went back Monday morning to vote early, but again, no time to wait. I returned Monday evening and this time plunged in. I took a spot in line about 5:15 p.m. in front of Danny’s TV on Main Street.

My wait was about 75 minutes, and I can’t remember when I had a better time.

I stood in line with William Wakefield, director of OU bands. We chatted for almost an hour before he introduced himself, but we had the most wonderful conversation.

We talked football and New York City and marching bands and Oklahoma life. Here’s what I learned: Remember that great Pride of Oklahoma tradition, where the band members dress up in costume for a halftime show around Halloween? They don’t do it anymore because too many people complain about certain costumes, and trying to regulate what 400 musicians might wear onto the field is too cumbersome a task. Oh well.

It’s a different world than 1985. The clarinet squad dressed as Coke products would, today, probably generate a letter demanding licensing fees for the use of the trademarks. (That’s not an attack on delicious Coca-Cola—just an example of how the world has change.)

If you didn’t stand in line with Berry Tramel or Dr. Wakefield, or any other line, then get out and vote! All those years of playing the National Anthem should have sunk in by now, but just in case you need a reminder: VOTE!