Berry Tramel watched The Pride

Oklahoman sports columnist Berry Tramel watched the OU Homecoming Parade last week, like many of you did, except this was the first one he’s ever seen:

With that said, the floats were fun and the band was totally cool. Watching the Pride of Oklahoma walk by literally 15 feet from you is like watching a football game from the sidelines. Totally new perspective.

For one thing, the marching of a band is totally underrated. The musicians have to take these tiny little steps, sort of like moving furniture, carrying a sofa or something that blocks your knees and you have to baby-step it. Same with the trombonists. Definitely not easy to do.

Also, I never noticed, but the tuba players don’t wear hats. I wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

But the band is totally cool. I love marching bands and OU has a good one.

I’m not saying anything about the hats. I know better.