Nebraska Kick-off Time: 7:00 PM

The networks of Disney have picked up the OU vs. Nebraska game on November 1 for nationwide television coverage at 7:00 PM CDT. I phrase it that way because they will not decide until next weekend whether they show it on ABC or ESPN, but either way, the kickoff time is the same and the game will be televised to the entire country—no regional coverage maps, no members who don’t get it in their area! Hooray!

We’ve posted The Pride‘s full schedule for the day on the Events calendar, and you can see the online Web version for gameday on this page.

The following week, on November 8, the full band travels to College Station when the Aggies of Texas A&M host our Sooners. I heard at least one alumnus on Saturday wondering about how to see the band in Texas during the year, and outside of a Texas-based bowl invitation, the A&M game will be the 2008 Pride’s last performances in the Lone Star State. When we have that kickoff time and schedule of performances, we’ll be sure to post it as well so anyone who wants to support both The Pride and the Sooners can show up in crimson and cream (as opposed to maroon and white)!