Homecoming 2008 Successful!

Of course, it was fantastic to see our Sooners beat the #11-ranked Jayhawks 45-31 for 2008 Homecoming, as that puts OU at 6-1 and gives the Sooners the #4 spot in today’s first-of-the-season BCS rankings! We’re ahead of #5 USC, and also ahead of #6 (eek!) Oklahoma State.

But our part was a great day too! Seven former drum majors and 130 alumni returning to Owen Field in a true homecoming. May I say, having watched from the side, that all the alumni marched really well. If you’d had two rehearsals, you might have been good enough to make SportsCenter!

And so the red box at the top of the home page vanishes until next fall, when it’s time to start planning for Homecoming 2009! Just to be on the safe side, we’ve removed everything but the annual dues from the Pay Online page, but fear not: if you want to pay for something easily, contact Ann Darnold and she can tell you how to use the PayPal account for anything you want. (I believe it was mentioned that because of the way bank accounts work, donations or other fund transfers through PayPal are not tax deductible. Those have to go through the OU Foundation and can’t be for actual goods (like tickets, shirts, lunches, and so on).

It may have been the longest OU football game I’ve ever seen (four hours!), but it was a great day for The Pride and the OU Band Alumni Association. Please feel free to comment here and share your thoughts on the day.

(And if you weren’t there, why not? We had seven former drum majors, and would have had eight if Eric Shannon was not recovering from illness [hi Eric! We missed you!]. You really missed a fun day, so make sure you don’t repeat that in 2009!)

Up next for the Sooners: playing Kansas State in Manhattan at 11:30 AM on Saturday. The Pride will send a pep band, and will next perform in full on the field in two weeks when the Nebraska Cornhuskers return to Owen Field. Kickoff time should be set within the next 24 hours, so watch our Events calendar for details on the game and all Pride performances!