Gameday Schedule coming together (Updated!)

We learned on Sunday that kickoff time for OU vs. Kansas is 2:30 PM, and today we got The Pride‘s schedule for the day, so we’ev updated our Events calendar accordingly. It still does not have the times or specifics for the OUBAA Business Meeting or the OUBAA Lunch, but I expect those within 24 hours.

We do know, however, that morning rehearsal with The Pride is at 9:15 AM in the Everest Training Center. the same indoor practice facility we used last year just east of the Collums Building, which itself is just east of the stadium across Jenkins. Even easier: Everest is #89 on OU’s Campus Map. The Alumni Band will rehearse halftime (Fight for O.K.U.) with The Pride at 9:15, so be there ready to get on the field! The Pride dismisses at 9:50 AM, but we’ll stay for a few minutes to get the pregame drill worked out. Everyone should be out by 10:15 AM.

For a quick, online, Saturday-only schedule you can view or even get in printer-friendly format, click here.

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Just to throw something extra in for our Web readers: Jerry Palm’s wonderful site dissects the BCS ratings every way possible, including projecting them before the first official release next week. As of now, five of the six BCS computers are providing ratings, as are both of the polls. Last week, the computers were not very convinced about Oklahoma even though the polls were. This week, the computers love the Longhorns: they’re #1 in four of the five rankings, and #2 in the other one.

If these BCS rankings were published today? OU would be #5, behind Texas, Alabama, Penn State, and USC. #6? Oklahoma State—followed by Texas Tech, Utah, Florida, Georgia, BYU, Ohio State, Missouri, and Boise State. Only conference champions or BCS Top 14 teams are eligible for BCS bowls.

OSU is number six! There’s clearly much to be done, friends!