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We’ve long needed a better way for everyone to stay connected via E-mail, better than “Let’s all pile it on Rita and she’ll handle it.” Even though she always does, that’s not a great strategy. :-):

So now we have a way!

If you normally receive E-mail from Rita, you’ve already been subscribed to the new OUBAA-List, a real mailing list with real subscription options and digests and user-changeable addresses and all the modern features you would hope for, and probably would have hoped for a few years ago except now they’re actually here!

If you weren’t automatically subscribed, click here and go sign yourself up. It takes but a moment and is free.

Membership in the Web site does not mean automatic subscription to the mailing list. It should, I know, but they’re two entirely different pieces of software, and trying to coordinate them is like trying to coordinate tubas on one goal line and snare drums on the other. It’s possible if you work really hard and hold your breath, but it’s really best for all involved if you don’t attempt it.

If you’re not sure if you’re signed up, head over to the subscription page and sign up. If you’re already signed up, it will tell you and you won’t get double messages. (Unless you have multiple E-mail addresses, and we can’t really do anything about that—and even if so, you can always unsubscribe from one of them. It’s really flexible.)

You can even send mail to the list, and if the moderators approve, it will go out to everyone as if it was from you, meaning all replies will go directly to you and not to Rita! Yay for taking work off Rita’s shoulders and putting it on the stupid computers where it belongs!

(If you save up a few extra hours of sleep, bring them to Homecoming and give them to Rita in thanks for all the hours she’s donated over the years in keeping everyone connected. Thanks, Rita!)

The sign-up link remains in the left-hand sidebar from now on, and anyone is welcome to sign up for the mailing list. We hope you will and we hope you’ll find it useful!