One game done, another coming up

On Saturday night, we learned that if the Sooners are head of the opponent by 50-0 at halftime, and it then rains on the stadium so hard that they ask people to take cover on the concourse, and extend halftime by 72 minutes to let it pass, then many of those who left their seats will not return for the second half.

The Pride of Oklahoma was not among those who left, but you already knew that.

The picture at the right (a crappy phone picture, sorry) shows the view from the foot of the northeast tunnel during the storm. Click on it for a larger version if you like, but it’s not much better. Other than the huge light, you can see the rain falling and the mostly-empty stands. When the “take cover” instruction came down, they shut off the scoreboards and most (not nearly all) of the field lights to “encourage” people to take cover rather than think they could see fun shows on the wonderful new SoonerVision HD, but those came back on after a few minutes.

Unlike the shorter but colder deluge during 2002’s UTEP game, this time The Pride took cover in their pregame waiting tunnels, making things more bearable for all concerned. (Though we did feel sorry for the new Boomer and Sooner ponies pulling the Sooner Schooner—not only was it their first home game, but they literally got ridden hard during all the first half’s scoring and put away wet during the delay. We’re sure they’re sturdy ponies, though, or they wouldn’t get to pull the Schooner. And their handlers take good care of them. But think nice things for them this week.)

The storm hit just moments after The Pride of Oklahoma finished its first halftime show of the 2008 season—pop hits First Time (Lifehouse) and Ocean Avenue (Yellowcard). They got into the stands and then, almost immediately, got back out of them. The day went from hot and muggy to soaking in a very short time, so the new members of the 2008 Pride have quite a first-game experience to remember!

The challenges continue as the Pride works on this week’s show through threats of rain. The game vs. the Cincinatti Bearcats kicks off at 2:37 PM CDT with coverage on ABC in HD, but coverage will vary by region. Click here for coverage maps later this week to see if the game will be on in your area. For reasons unknown to us, ABC and ESPN have chosen to cover both the other 2:30 PM CDT games in HD, but not OU vs. Cincinatti.

The gameday schedule for Saturday is posted on our Events calendar, and we hope you’ll get to show up in Norman on Saturday afternoon to support the Sooners and see The Pride of Oklahoma!