2008 Newsletter and Registration forms now available!

The OU Band Alumni Association is mailing the four-page 2008 Newsletter to members and others on the mailing list this week, along with a registration form for Homecoming 2008. Yet you, the loyal reader of this site, do not need to wait for the US Mail to arrive: you can read the newsletter and print a registration form right now!

Note that registrations for Homecoming 2008 must be postmarked by September 20, 2008! We’ve adjusted the home page countdown as a gentle reminder to get yours in now and not to put it off. Pregame waits for no one!

(Halftime, however, can be extended for at least 72 minutes by rain, as we found out Saturday night. I’ll get a game report up in the next day or two with some photos of Lake Owen Field if I can find them.)